Organic Baby Care: Go Organic, Because Your Newborn Needs It

By on August 22, 2016

We all love using natural products, don’t we?  But most of the times we choose the easy way and cannot make it. But at least consider using all organic products on your KIDS!  Children are used to expose to the various chemicals on daily basis and in fact babies takes birth with chemicals in their umbilical blood. We have so many baby products in market saying that they are “safe” and “purely natural”. Well to break your belief about those gentle baby products, not a single product out of them are actually safe to apply on delicate skin of your lovely newborn.  Recent studies show that the conventional Baby Shampoos we are using from ages were found to have some of the worst chemical ratings and Baby Oil is nothing else but just liquid petroleum oil with some artificial scents.

Research shows whatever we apply on the skin, gets absorbed by the skin. So yes, organic options are really best for our baby’s soft and perfect skin.  There are plenty of valid reasons because of which you should opt for organic products for your newborn babies, few of them are here:

  • Your baby’s frequently dividing cells make them even more sensitive to DNA disrupting toxins than an adult is.
  • You baby’s skin is ten times thinner than yours.
  • Like everyone of us , their skin is their largest skin
  • Therefore it is very much clear that their cosmic products have way too much damage potential than ours.

Here you can see that why do you need to trash and replace all of those fancy gifted baby products by organic products available.  No parent would want to subject their children to toxins and compromise their health from the very first days. Go organic; go natural because your little ones need it. That definitely comes cheapest, easiest and most importantly will be able to give you peace of mind which nothing else can give, trust us.

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