Organic baby lotions for babies – the natural way for a baby’s skin

By on August 22, 2016

When a new baby is born, many changes in a woman life’s takes place. It’s often difficult for parents to choose the best products for their baby at prices they can afford. Organic baby lotions may be more expensive than other baby products available in the markets, but they are safer and softer for the baby’s skin.

As we know, the skin of babies is much more sensitive and porous than that of adults. They are delicate system. So they require extra care and pamper. The skin of babies is 10 times thinner than adults. They are delicate and soft like fur. They need extra attention and care. Hence, the baby’s skin reacts more on chemicals.

So why subject your baby to potential toxins and harmful chemicals??

Naturally, every parent wants the best for their toddlers. It is so difficult to find natural and healthy products these days. Products, which do not harm the baby’s tender skin and keep their skin healthy. Normal baby product contain chemicals like benzoyl alcohol and propylene glycol which causes skin irritation, allergy and bigger problems like cancer, neurotoxicity etc. some babies over the world are diagnosed with skin issues due to such creams.

Other than these chemicals normal baby lotions also contain artificial fragrance which is as dangerous as these chemicals. Artificial fragrance causes nose bleeding, allergy, asthma, respiratory distress to the toddlers.

A very widely used preservatives known as Parabens, is also one of the main contents of the baby lotion. Studies have shown, that these preservatives cause severe hormones creating major issues in babies, which can stop them from growing.

Organic baby lotion is free from such acids which is harmful, as well as has such adverse effects on body. Organic lotion for baby is loaded up with aloe Vera, olive oil, Shea butter, lavender, oatmeal extract and essential oils –perfect for your baby’s skin.

The aloe Vera- one of the most nourishing things found in nature, is best for its smoothing qualities and is also known as a “miracle herbs”. Aloe Vera is one of the best herbs, and it makes the skin healthy and lively. It is best for the toddler’s skin, and it helps in regaining their skin nourishment.

Other ingredients like Shea butter, olive oil, lavender ad essential oil keeps the baby’s skin hydrated. It helps to make their skin more elastic while revitalising and softening it. Organic lotion do not cause any itching or skin irritation, and hence provides extra skin soothing properties to new-borns.

Therefore, organic lotion for baby gives you complete peace of safety about what you’re applying on your little one’s skin. Organic lotion has special formula just for babies to be so gently soothing for their soft and delicate skin. To keep your baby calm and serene one must go for organic lotion only. I’ll bet you will love using it for your tiny tots.

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