Organic baby shampoo – organic care for your baby’s hair

By on August 22, 2016

New parents feel really pressurize when a new baby is born. Taking good care of them need lot of extra time and efforts. They are fragile like antique pieces or as soft as cotton ball. Thus, they are easily prone to any harmful things. There immune system is not yet developed and so they are more prone to diseases than us.

Mostly, parents concentrate on high brands products and believe what they see. But, do you know their ingredients?? Most of the high brand shampoo for babies contains chemicals which can cause damage to the baby’s skin and hair. The skin of the baby is very porous and chemicals can easily enter their body through skin. Thus, they need something more natural and skin friendly products which do not contain any harsh chemicals.

In this case, organic shampoo for baby can be a great choice. These shampoos are certified by Oregon Tith which only contains essential organic oils which are safe for baby.

Other than this, organic shampoo for baby does not contain foaming agent or artificial fragrance. Normal baby shampoo contains such ingredients in it. A chemical called, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), is used to create foam in the normal baby product which can cause damage to skin and irritation in retina. In a research it is found that the artificial fragrance I a baby’s shampoo can cause severe nose bleeding and respiratory problems.

Besides, organic baby shampoo is made up of natural ingredients like shikha kai, amla, coconut oil etc. which is good for the growing infant. No petrochemicals or petroleum is used in organic shampoo for baby and so it is very safe for the toddlers.

Anything and everything can have an adverse effect on them. It’s the responsibility of the parents to take good care of their loving new born. Their health is very important, and parents should take good care of all their needs. To keep your baby calm ad serene, parents should be a little concern on the product they are buying. Yes! Organic products can be a little more expensive than normal chemical using products, but isn’t your babies health is more important than few extra penny??

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