Olive Oil for Beauty Care

By on September 5, 2016
Organic Olive Oils

We all know that we have numerous products in our kitchen to be used for our beauty care. One of them, that is the most effective product we would say is OLIVE OIL.  Not only it takes dishes to the next level when used in them but also have versatile properties for beauty care. It is one of the most healthy and inexpensive kitchen miracles for personal care.

Here are few usages of Olive oil other than food:

•Moisturize your body with olive oil: Moisturize your body with olive oil mixed with few drops of water. There will be smell of olive oil but that would go away in few minutes. Best natural way to moisturize and to have softer skin.

•Makeup remover: Yes you read it right! Olive oil can be used to remove make-up before you hit the bed. Olive has been used to remove make-up specially Eye Makeup.  Not only it will moisturize your fragile under-eye area but also will moisturize that part for the softer skin.  That way you don’t need to put more chemical to be absorbed by your skin in order to remove makeup.


Bottle of olive oil and olives.

Bottle of olive oil and olives.

•Olive oil as Bath Oil: You can add few drops of olive oil in your lukewarm bath water and have softer skin after the bath that can reduce your time of moisturizing your body after the bath

•Exfoliate your body with Olive oil: It can come out to be amazing body defoliator if olive oil is mixed with sugar. Mix same amount of raw sugar and brown sugar pour olive oil as per your need, and experience spa at your home, all easy and natural!

•Shaving cream: Use olive oil before shaving, as moisturizer to soften skin and hair on particular area.  Also apply olive oil after shaving or waxing because it will keep your sensitive skin irritation free afterwards.

•Damage control over Dry hair: If you have really, really damaged and dry hair and you can’t get rid off of it after using everything and anything available in market, we say stop all of that right there. Olive oil is just amazing to control frizziest hair because of its moisturizing properties.

We are sure after reading all of these; you will love using Olive oil in your kitchen as well for your beauty care.

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