Organic banana and coconut nutrient hair pack

By on November 26, 2016
Coconut banana hair mask

Hair is a very delicate part of our body and can easily get damaged due to minimal exposure to dust, chemicals and other catastrophic substances. People use what not product to nourish it. But these products just make them more brittle and damage the roots leading to more hair fall. A strong root leads to strong and healthy hair. Hence, nourishing them with rich and healthy natural products will bring back the nourishment in your hair, and remove dandruff, slit ends and also make it strong and increase the growth.

Banana and coconut hair pack is one very good natural product that can help build healthy and strong hair. Here is a simple do-it-yourself recipe:


Ingredients required

1 green coconut

1 banana

2 tablespoon honey


Method of preparation

Take one green Organic coconut pierce it, and take out all the coconut water in a bowl, now scrape out the cream of coconut from the coconut, take it in a microwaveable dish. Now peel one banana, and add it to the dish and mash and mix these two properly, and keep it in the microwave for about 10 seconds and add 2 tablespoon honey.

How to apply

Slow massage this paste into your scalp till root tips, then wrap it in hot towel and sit for about 1 hour; changing the towel when it becomes cold, replacing it with a hot one again. Now wash it with warm water and mild shampoo, do not use a conditioner, and let your hair dry naturally, and do not use a blower.


  • Wavy and bouncy hairs
  • Reduced split ends
  • Nurtures hair
  • Protects from harmful effects of dust and sun

So, as we see this hair mask has many benefits over the other commercially made hair mask doped with heavy chemicals. This not only increases your growth but also help in eliminating hair problems. So the next time when you buy any chemically doped products just keep in mind the harmless effect it has and what your hair has to go through.

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