Organic Mango body scrub

By on November 25, 2016
Organic Mango Body Scrub

We all know that scrubbing is an essential part of skin care treatment as it exfoliates the skin, remover dead skin cells and makes the skin breathable. We go a spa for a full body scrub, and massaging and a lot of money on their products, trusting them that they will use natural and pure substances for our body treatment; but can you be 100% sure that all the components of your spa are totally chemical free? No, there is no guarantee for this fact, because a spa is also doing business, And who wouldn’t want to earn some extra profit? But then what to do? How to be sure that the products that are used, simple by making it your self!

Yes, it is true that we all think that it is a very tiring job to do a body scrub at home, but here is a simple but very affective, and very easy Organic mango body scrum, that you will definitely fall in love with. And the results will be much, much better that your sessions of spa therapy!


Ingredients required-

2 ripe mangoes

Raw milk


Brown sugar/ sea salt

Black soil or multani mitti


Method of preparation-

Separate the pulp of the mango from its core and skin, take it in a bowl. Now add 3 tablespoon of raw milk, and 3 tablespoon of honey. Now add half cup Brown sugar/ sea salt.

And half cup of black soil or miltani mitti(according to your requirement), and mix thoroughly.


How to apply-

Now apply this mixture and let it dry for 15-20 minutes then start scrubbing your body gently with wet hands. Now rinse your body with Luke warm water.



  • Brown sugar exfoliates the skin
  • Mango lightens the skin and makes it silky, smooth and soft.
  • All the dead skin is removed gently
  • Tightens the cellulite, toned your body

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