Seven Stupefying Reasons to ‘Go Organic’

By on September 4, 2016
Save money spent on unnatural foods

It is in human nature to raise doubts, and in one way or other it is good to be curious and doubtful. Being curious and doubtful promotes awareness. There must be millions doubts about Organic Products too.

Well, we will try to clear some of those doubt clouds:-

1. Taking care of future generation!

It is well known that a child gets more affected to environmental effects produced due to use of harmful chemicals in conventional farming. Organic production is free from such chemicals, protecting our future generation from harms.

Healthy green salad with fresh vegetables

Healthy green salad with fresh vegetables

2. Nutrition and Taste amplified!

Many studies established that organically grown food has more nutrients and minerals than synthetically grown food. Other than that, it is tastier too, so why spend bucks on tasteless and mineral deprived food when you can get everything just by adapting an organic lifestyle.

3. Money Saver!

Organic farming is an easy and fruitful past-time. Grow your own food organically, and save thousands of bucks on your grocery bill.

4. Water and Soil Pollution Minimized!

Environment Protection Agency has surveyed and found out that conventional way of farming is responsible for three-forth soil erosion as well as half of the drinking water pollution. Non-organic farming not only affects environment, but our health is also greatly impacted by this chemical laden food.


5. Energy Saving!

A large amount of energy is lost in producing pesticides which are used in conventional production, while Organic way of production is completely natural, pollution-free and uses a much little amount of any form of energy (petroleum, coal et al) as compared to conventional methods.

6. Protecting Food-givers!

Both economically and health-wise, farmer families are more prone to risks if they use conventional way of farming, while organic farming methods ensures both better health and economic boost-up. The herbicides, pesticides etc contains chemicals that makes farmer using them hugely prone to cancer and other diseases. And also, use of these pesticides sometimes result destroys whole crops due to side-effects.


Farmers into organic farming

Farmers into organic farming

7. Beautification and protection of biodiversity!

Who doesn’t like lush-green surroundings? Of course we do! Promoting and supporting organic farming leads to greenery and healthy surroundings. Other than that, prolonged use of pesticides results in permanent depletion of land nutrients, causing dangers to biodiversity.

So, go organic and do well to everyone!

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