Make friends with nature, Wear organic t-shirts

By on September 10, 2016
Not exactly an organic t-shirt but...

Human impact on the environment has had a huge effect on the deterioration of ecosystems and has negatively affected biodiversity. Polluting the natural diversity can cause an adverse change in our surroundings and can affect our health too. Therefore, to clean our earth and keep it the way it is now and even better in the future, environment-friendly products have been launched in the market. Organic clothing is one of those products, which is eco-friendly and harmless to our diversity and mother earth.

Organic clothing is now famous in the world because it does not contain any harmful substances. These T-shirtsare very comfortable and softer than the conventional T-shirt.It is especially good for those who are oversensitive. It does not cause any skin soreness or inflammation. These shirts are breathable and healthier for your body. It does not affect the body’s organ. Besides,it absorbs moistures very well and is a lot more comfortable. It is soothing and does not cause any irritation to the body.


The fibers used in organic T-shirts are grown on organic farms which are environmentally friendly. These fibers are grown without any fungicides, pesticides, herbicides, orinsecticides.  Hence, no harm to the soil is caused.Organic T-shirt is 100% made up of natural cotton grown in the organic farm. This sustainable cotton is free from agrochemicals. Hence, any chemical reaction due to harmful chemical will not take place. Also, it does not cause any harm to the environment. Above all, soil pollution which is the biggest threat to the agriculture is completely avoided in production of these t-shirts as organic farming does not use any types of pesticides and harmful chemicals to save the crops.

These T-shirts does not contain any toxic coloration or dyes. It is made up of naturally grown colors which do not cause any harm to the body of the consumer and also maintains organic certification.These organic T-shirt saves ½ of the earth to get polluted from any toxic chemicals, carcinogens and toxic gasses. No industrial effluents are generated in its production; hence, water pollution is also reduced. Plus, it also decreases air pollution to a great extent as it does not produce any pernicious gasses.

It is crucial for us now to switch to eco-friendly form of clothing. Being a part of more aware generation, it is our duty to nurture our mother earth in every possible way.

So, it is time to yell “Go green, Wear Organic!”

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