Organic clothing: You are what you wear!

By on September 10, 2016
Organic clothing

What is Organic Clothing?

Organic clothing has become increasingly popular in last few decades. Organic clothing is environmentally friendly clothing as its production is free from pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and harmful chemicals.

How Organic Clothing is produced?

Organic clothing uses eco-friendly fibers which are grown in organic farms, without causing any earth pollution, air pollution or water pollution. The fibers used in the clothing are grown in organic way to promote healthier farm and environment.

The whole production, from the field through manufacture to the final product, everything is certified. Besides, organic clothing works only by government norms. These clothing meet high standard of production and manufacturing, and is processed without using any chemicals to maintain organic certification. Also, natural grown coloration like mocha, tan, browns etc is used, avoiding use of harmful coloration. 

Why Organic Clothing should be used?

  • Environmentally safe: It is the prime motive of organic clothing; hence, we are against any harmful chemicals, so in a way we are towards the betterment of the society. A healthier lifestyle is what organic clothing provides you with. The environment is not polluted by any catastrophic gasses or by industrial effluents.
  • Healthy: It is made up of non-synthetic material only, so the chances of allergies are less. Moreover, if the user uses conventional clothing, the chemicals used in growing it can affect the body’s organs and tissues to a great extent.
  • Comfortable: These clothes provide you with natural comfort and softness without causing any irritation to skin and especially good for people who are chemically sensitive. These clothes absorb moisture very well and are breathable.
You are what you wear

You are what you wear

In a recent survey by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it is found that, over 12.5 million acres conventional cotton grown in the United States, Fifty-five million pounds of pesticides were sprayed which can possibly cause cancer or other harmful diseases which can put a life to risk. Therefore, organic clothing is far better and safer. So, for a safer and healthier lifestyle being organic is the most. Let us make our earth safe and green and preserve it for a long term.

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