Benefits of Organic Bread

By on September 4, 2016

Bread is one of the world’s oldest and most popular foods. It is a staple food which is prepared by baking a dough of flour and water. It can effectively serve as your breakfast, brunch and even dinner, provided, one is dieting.

Organic Bread

Organic Bread

Here are some of the benefits of Organic bread:

Fibre:Bread is a rich source of fibre which is essential for a healthy digestive system. About a quarter of our daily fibre intake comes from bread. Consumption of 6 slices of whole grain bread can fulfil up to 70% of daily fibre necessity. Research shows that fibre may help to protect against type two diabetes  and certain cancers.

Richness of fibre

Richness of fibre

Vitamin:Bread provides B Vitamins which are essential for the body to convert food into energy efficiency. So, it won’t be a bad idea to have a slice of bread with jam after every meal.Moreover, it also provides antioxidant nutrients such as vitamin E and selenium which protect cells from damage by toxic substances including smoke pollution.

Iron: The body needs oxygen and for the oxygen supply, a carrier is definitely required. Iron is one such carrier which comes handy with the intake of Bread.

Zinc: Bread can even help in fighting infections, healing and growth of cells. How? Well, it provides zinc to the body which helps the body’s immune system.

Carbohydrates:Bread supply the body with anexcellent source of complex carbohydrates. Undoubtedly, carbohydrates play a fundamental role in living life to the fullest. Carbohydrates provide the body with its preferred type of energy and are an essential part of any healthy eating plan. Opposite to the claim that carbohydrates are fattening, adding sufficient carbohydrates in our diet ensures that our body runs smoothly.

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