Organic Basil Leaves: Uses and Benefits

By on November 26, 2016
Basil uses and benefits

All must have been using Basil leaves in cooking, right? But fortunately there are plenty of uses of Organic basil leaves other than cooking. Basil is also known as Italian herb but what we don’t know about Basil leaves is that it has numerous herbal uses also.


  • Cooking: Generally, in cooking we use dried Organic basil leaves, and it adds an amazing flavor to dish. It has been used to add flavor and depth to a particular dish.
  • Stomach Issues: Organic Basil leaves has it magnificent property to calm and soothe stomach issues.  Add a half spoon of dried or fresh basil leave to water and you are about to assuage of feeling full in stomach and also comforts indigestion.
  •  Cold and Cough: Either chew few Organic basil leaves or add few ones while making tea, you will get rid of rough and dry cold in minutes. Basil leaves also used to solace illness.
  • Cut down stress: Adding strong basil leaves in warm water while having bath on regular basis can reduce stress and helps to get relaxation.
Uses and benefits of Basil

Uses and benefits of Basil

  • Reduces headache:  Sever Headache? And don’t want to get into the trap of pain killers (you shouldn’t so)? Here is a cure for it, have facial steam at home just by adding a tablespoon of dried basil leaf into boiling water in a large pot. Lean onto the pot carefully and cover your head with towel, breathe and exhale the steam 10-15 times. Add on to it, you will smell awesome for the rest of the day.
  • Sugar level in blood: It has been said by many physicians that consuming basil leaves daily can control blood sugar level.

In so many parts of the Organic basil leaves are basically known for culinary uses. But few of us are aware of its heavenly herbal uses in our daily lives. Let’s be enlightened and start using Organic basil.

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