Organic Food: Eat healthy to live wealthy!

By on September 10, 2016
Organic foods for a healthier life

Now day’s organic food has become very popular but navigating through the maze of organic food arises some questions. Is organic food really healthier? Is it more nutritious? The answer to these questions is yes it is better than any conventionally  grown food research of organizations like of Stanford School of Medicine and The Soil Association testify that an organic diet increases consumption  of vitamins, minerals , antioxidants and other essential fatty acids. And it’s known to us that organic farming practices are environment friendly.

A few reasons to believe are:-

  1. Contains fewer or no pesticides- These chemicals are widely used in conventional process to prevent diseases in plants. And residues remain on the food we eat and cause diseases like cancer and neurological problems whereas organic process uses very little biocides which are not injurious to health.
  2. Greater Antioxidant value- Antioxidants have been shown to impart many health benefits antioxidants are important nutrients found in fresh fruits and vegetables are also helpful in preventions of many cancers. Studies show that organic foods have greater antioxidants compared to conventionally grown foods.
  3. No genetically modified seeds used- Genetically modified seeds are those seeds which are artificially modified in order to prevent the diseases in plant and also to increase the production. These GM are known to cause depress immune system, reproductive dysfunction, cancer and allergies in studies conducted at Russian academy of sciences. So choosing organic is the only guarantee that food is free from genetically modification.
  4. Freshness and flavor- Fresh foods always tests better, organics are usually fresher  than any conventionally grown as no preservatives are used  that make it last longer thus its flavor is always better .
  5. Organic farming is good for environment- Organic farming practices reduce pollution (Air, Water, and Soil) and also keeps the soil fertile. So in manner it’s also good for health and sustainability of ecosystem.

The type of food we choose help in prevention of many illnesses increasing in the quality of life thus, in today’s scenario the organics are the best options we have as they are effective in every way. They are good for health and also help to protect ecosystem so in today’s world organic is the food you can trust.

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