5 steps for Setting up a Household Organic Garden

By on August 30, 2016
An Organic Garden

It’s a common myth that it is difficult to set up your own organic garden and take care of it. Well, here are five easy steps to help you set up your own healthy, nutrient filled, lush green Organic Garden.

1) Go Easy On Money

No need to invest on fancy pots or buy new earthen pots. Just have a quick look around for anything that could accommodate desired amount of soil, compost and can stand plants. It can be anything from plastic bottles to bath tubs.

2) Prepare Soil Yourself

Soil is the most important component in any kind of farming. It is not any herculean task to prepare organic soil. All you need is to alter your kitchen waste as compost. Simply go with whatever you have at your reach. The only extra mile you need to walk in soil preparation is sprinkling red-earth from time to time.

Soiling an organic garden

Soiling an organic garden

3) Mulch soil Regularly

The soil should be covered with suitable organic material like dry leaves, newspaper, soil et al to avoid loss of water due to evaporation. Other than that, it also favors growth of microbes by providing them insulation and food.

4) Nutrient Dosages

After the seeds are sown, they need their nutrient-dose, which is given in the form of “Amrit-jal”. “Amrit-jal” is nothing but a mixture of cow-urine, fresh cow dung, water and organic black jaggery (Gurh). All of these are easily available; all you need is to mix them in appropriate content in liquid form. Other than that, addition of fistful of wood ash in soil every three month is desirable.

Organically grown plants

Organically grown plants

5) Simplicity is the key to Success

Always start with basic plants like chilies, mint leaves, spinach, pomegranate, guava etc. These vegetables are simplest one to grow as they do not require too much sunlight and can grow inside a room near window. The seeds can be easily availed from any nursery nearby by paying nominal amount of money. You can use open-pollinated seeds for vegetables and grafted seeds for fruits.

Now your organic garden is ready! Enjoy own-grown healthy and tasty food!

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