How to Grow Organic Spinach

By on August 30, 2016
grow organic Spinach

Spinach! Although we all are well aware of the benefits of Spinach, most of you must be getting “eeeww” feeling hearing its name. Well, it is all because you never savored natural, tasteful spinach. Give it a try, and it will be nearly impossible for you to not love this iron rich spinach.

Why Spinach?

Go for spinach because it has proven beneficial for following health issues:-

  • Inflammatory problems
  • Oxidative stress-related problems
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Bone problems
  •  Cancers.
  • Easy to grow in your kitchen garden.

Requirements for Growing Spinach

  • Weather: Best grown in cool weather.
  • Type of crop: Spring or winter (according to the climate of a particular area).
  • Soil: Rich, damp and well-drained.
  • Sun: 4-6 hours of Sun daily is optimal.
  • Container Size: minimum 4 to 6 inches deep
  • Best companion plants: Tomatoes and Eggplants

Best Varieties of Spinach

  • Bloomsdale Long Standing
  • Tyee
  • Summer Perfection


Organic spinach plantations

Organic spinach plantations

Spinach Plantation

  • Soil: Keep it properly moist until seed germination.
  • Sowing Seeds: One half inch deep and four to six inches apart.
  • Mulching: Keep mulching regularly to conserve water and avoid weeds.
  • Watering: Minimum One inch of water weekly.
  • Fertilizer: Wood ash or Fish emulsion.

After following all these instructions, all you need is to keep your spinach free of weeds, and surely when you will cook your self-grown nutritious spinach, like Popeye, it will become your favorite too.

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