Saying Yes to Organic Farming, Because…

By on August 30, 2016
Organic farming

Nowadays when agriculture is incomplete without using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and industrial solvents which are used to prevent crops from different bacteria attacking them but directly or indirectly they are the solely reasons behind many food prone diseases, they affect our health in one or the other way. On the other hand, if we look at organic farming; it totally depends upon biological pest control, process of crop rotation and biological manures.

Organic farming has now been internationally accepted by a large number of nations and also by International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM). After 1990 different organizations have reported a huge increase in the market of organic farming due to the reason that the products are utmost health friendly and do not affect one’s health in any way, number of food prone diseases has been reduced by using organic products. Besides this type of farming does not affect the soil in any way; It is a soil friendly farming, that also is a reason behind the increasing usage of organic farming.
Using fertilizers and manures adds some additional costs to agriculture which reduces the profits to some extent while in organic farming there is no need to use fertilizers and all, hence total profit increases. Organic farming has been consistently found to be more profitable than conventional farming.

Organic farms: Harvesting organic plantations

Organic farms: Harvesting organic plantations

If we talk about energy usage; Organic Farming is more energy efficient than other conventional farming method. Studies also shows that organic farming has higher yields per unit of energy when compared to other farming method, overall organic farming is totally energy efficient.
With all these studies organic farming has turned out to be a significant step in the field of agriculture whether it is the point of economy, efficiency or health; we always get the best food from organic farming. It could be easily used over any other farming method with a better yield of products.

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