Amrit-Jal: Nutrient Syrup for Organic Soil

By on August 30, 2016
Amrit-Jal: Nutrient Syrup for Organic Soil

Just like we need food for refilling our body’s nutrient level, Organic soil also need something to keep their nutrient level high. Amrit-Jal is an liquid organic fertilizer which enriches the nutrient level of soil used for organic farming. This article is all about Amrit-Jal, from its constituents to its preparation method.


  • Cow urine
  • Fresh Cow Dung
  • Black Jaggery
  • Water

In case, black jaggery is not available, it can be replaceable with 6 ripe banana or jackfruit or 2 glasses of plain sugarcane syrup.

Here is step by step recipe for creating Amrit-Jal:-
1. Take 10 liters of water.
2. Add one liter of cow urine and add it to water.
3. Mix one kilogram of fresh cow dung and fifty grams of black jaggery together.
4. Add above prepared mixture to cow-urine and water.
5. Stir this solution in every 2 or 3 days.
6. Stir is clock-wise for twelve times.
7. Now, stir it anti-clockwise for twelve times.
8. A concentrated will be ready by fourth day.
9. Add one part of concentrated solution with ten parts of water.
10. Amrit-Jal is ready

Amrit Jal Mix

Amrit Jal Mix


Take above prepared Amrit-Jal and add it to the soil which is prepared for organic farming at an interval of every fifteen day. You can also add handful of wood ash to soil in every three months for better result.

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