Ginger Root – Proven gem of all herbs!

By on September 5, 2016
Organic Ginger-root

Ginger root is basically underground rhizome of ginger plant which has been used from ages for its medicinal values in our daily lives in form of food.  Ginger root has its very own flavor which adds very good taste to most of the cuisines. Ginger is hugely available in grocery and it can be used in dried, fresh or powdered form.  In India and China, Ginger tonic has been used to cure  many types of diseases for more than thousands of years.

Benefits of Ginger root:

  • Blood circulation: It’s been proven remedy for boosting blood circulation, lowering high blood pressure and thinning of blood over the years.
  • Anti-Viral: Ginger has its very amazing benefit over all the herbs present in the world that it tastes good to be added in our food and it has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties as well. Nothing can beat it, no? Well yes it has been using to reduce fever and for calming cold n cough.
  • Yummy plus helps Tummy: We all know when ginger added to any dish not only adds zing to it, and gives a great flavor to it. But also, Ginger treats the gastrointestinal tracts which help to decrease the stone ache issues.


Organic Ginger root

Organic Ginger root

  • In earlier pregnancy: Ginger also alleviates nausea and vomiting during early pregnancy. It has been found safe and more effective than Vitamin B-6 in relieving nausea.
  • Inflammation: Ginger found to have anti-inflammatory properties too which can be effective to relieve menstrual pain and cramps during menstrual cycle.
  • Cancer: Ginger root is one of those herbs which found to have high level of antioxidants. Its antioxidant property makes it highly effective to defend cell damage and the diseases associated which is caused by free radicals. It has been using to prevent the diseases of breast , liver, skin due to this property.


Now that you believe that Ginger root has its amazing health promoting properties. Well, more than the dried ginger it will be more beneficial to use fresh ginger root. Add it either in your cup of tea, fruit and vegetable smoothies or spice up your dishes.


Happy cooking along with it, happy living so long with it!

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